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Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Alternative Process" Exhibit @ Utah Arts Alliance (SLC: May 31 - July 2)

For Immediate Release
May 26, 2011
From: UAA Gallery Director, Kent Rigby, (801) 870-2069

Utah Arts Alliance Announces an Exhibit of Fine Art:

By Kim Baack and Richard Prehn

May 31st through July 2, 2011.
Opening Reception: Friday June 3rd, 6 ¨C 9 p.m.

Location: 127 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, Noon ¨C 8 p.m.

The Utah Arts Alliance will present an exhibit of original fine art, ¡°Alternative Process¡±, by Kim Baack and Richard Prehn.

The exhibit will be on display from May 31st through July 2, 2011. The opening reception for the artists will be held Friday June 3rd from 6 ¨C 9 p.m., at the Utah Arts Alliance Gallery, 127 S. Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah.

¡°Alternative Process¡± is an exhibit of hand colored photographic prints on archival art paper.

Kim Baack and Richard Prehn have been experimenting for the last three years combining modern technology with old techniques. Although neo-tradition dictates that digital printing must be done on digital photography papers, the two photo-artists have been printing traditional art papers using a digital Epson printer with unprecedented success. The pair started testing and profiling acid-free art papers such as Strathmore, Weston, Lokta, etc., vellum, batik, fibre paper, rice paper and other hand-made papers. They have since expanded their research and have even been successful printing on newsprint which is then sprayed with an acid neutralizer. Once a photograph has been successfully printed, they utilize other mediums such as watercolors, inks, pastels, chalk, colored pencils, etc., to bring out the image they have visualized. "It¡¯s just like sculptors looking at a piece of stone-once they see what¡¯s in it, only then do they start sculpting" explains Prehn.

Kim Baack graduated from Salt Lake Community College with a degree in Computer Graphics and Graphic Design. Her travels and art background led her to start photographing her numerous trips to Ireland and Europe. She has been asked to exhibit her work at several charitable organizations in Salt Lake City.

Kim has taught painting, drawing, sculpting and pottery to the general public and school children ages k-6th grade, in after-school programs. She is a published graphic designer and her paintings along with her photography are in private collections worldwide.

Exhibits and donations include:
The Green Fine Art Project 2011 - 75 framed pieces donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area, Inc., along with 2 other artists.
Private Grant from Utah Metal Works-2010-2011.
Ebony and Ivory, August 2007-August 2010.
Feed the Hungry Foster the Arts, Huntsman Cancer Center.
Utah Diabetes Center of Salt Lake City.
University of Utah.
International exhibits in Mexico City.
Contemporary Design & Art Gallery, Salt Lake City

Kim¡¯s work leans towards the abstract. She usually produces works with strong figurative imagery featuring male and female anatomy. She likes to get her viewers involved in finding alternative meanings hidden in her work. She loves to make things into something only the viewer can imagine. She is often asked the meaning of her artwork and her reply is, ¡±It is only my picture and meaning until someone else owns it...then it is their picture and has their meaning.¡±
Richard Prehn was introduced to photography and the art of photo-oils by an instructor in college. In 1971, he began to take a serious interest in the art form. Once he got a real taste of photography, it possessed him. He has developed and refined his talent through a variety of avenues, never letting convention hinder him. He spent over 10 years photographing professional sports including the Utah Jazz, the U.S./Soviet Union Goodwill Tour, five World Ski Cups and several Olympic events for United Press International, Associated Press and Reuters. He has shot for numerous magazines and documented a number of architectural reconstructions. His photo-art is in numerous collections throughout the world. Prehn¡¯s true passion is fine art photography. He developed his own style of photo-oils and one of his pieces was chosen for the cover of "The Official Marshall¡¯s Hand Coloring Guide & Gallery." In 1989, he was invited to teach photo-oils and to exhibit in the former Soviet Union. The invitation included an exclusive exhibit in the Museum of Revolution in Riga, Latvia, and an exhibit in Moscow. His work has also been exhibited in the United States, Canada Mexico City & Gallery 247 in Salt Lake City. For several years, Prehn has donated pieces to the University of Utah Hospital Foundation¡¯s fundraiser Ebony and Ivory. In 2009, Prehn produced a series of photographs printed on non-traditional digital hand-made paper, that were accepted by the City of Ontario Museum of History and Art, Ontario, California for their permanent collection. Early in 2011, he, with 2 other photographers donated a series of photographs from their "Green Fine Art Project" to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Intermountain Area, Inc.
With the advent of digital photography, Prehn recognized that a new avenue had opened up for his unique representation of life. Although he originally thought he would never grasp the idiosyncrasies of the ultra- modern technology, he found that it was a medium where he could truly expand. The digital image and the computer have become his film and his darkroom.

The Utah Arts Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit arts organization.
Our mission is to foster the arts in its many forms, to provide venues to facilitate the arts, to provide programming and support for arts and education, to provide a central organization committed to networking and support of Utah¡¯s non-profit arts and educational groups and to provide support and services to Utah¡¯s artists and students. Derek Dyer - Executive Director; Kent Rigby - Gallery Director.

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