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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

City Library to Teach Computer Literacy and Online Job Searching Classes @ Odyssey House (SLC)

Press note: For privacy reasons, photographs and filming of the course will not be allowed while it is taking place. Representatives from the Library and the Odyssey House will be available before the course begins, from 5:30-6:00 PM. Images of the lab may be captured before students enter.


Media Contact:
Julianne Hancock
p: 801.819.3763
e: jhancock@slcpl.org

The City Library takes tech access outside the Library
Mobile tech lab brings computer literacy and job searching training to those who need it most

MARCH 25, 2011, SALT LAKE CITY -- The Salt Lake City Public Library is taking its technology show on the road. On Wednesday, Library staff will teach the first in a series of computer literacy and online job searching courses at the Odyssey House, a substance abuse and mental health center in Salt Lake City.

Armed with a mobile computing lab and years of experience, Accessing Technology Lead Gwen Page will teach participants of the Odyssey House Outpatient Program four classes over a five week period: basic computing skills, basic internet and email, online job searching skills, and resume building.

Bringing basic computing and internet training directly to individuals who need it most demonstrates the future of librarianship, illustrating how libraries can improve people’s lives.

A tenet of Salt Lake City Library’s strategic plan is accessing technology, and the Library is committed to ensuring that everyone in the community has access to computers and the skills to use them. In addition to bringing technology courses into the community, the Library is also launching a one-on-one training course program to accomplish this goal.

The technology skills and job searching program will be taught at other partner locations, including the YWCA of Salt Lake City and the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake.

Communications Manager | Salt Lake City Public Library
p: 801.524.8219 | m: 801.819.3763 | jhancock@slcpl.org

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