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Friday, January 4, 2013

Basin and Range VI: Watershed (an exhibit) @ Weber State (Ogden, January 4-30)

Basin and Range VI: Watershed (an exhibit)
WHO: Weber State University and Universe City
WHAT: Basin and Range VI: Watershed
WHEN: January 4-30, 8am - 9pm, Monday through Saturday
WHERE: Shepherd Union Gallery, Weber State University, Ogden campus

In conjunction with the Weber State University 2012-13 cross-campus project,Water Works, Universe City will feature Basin and Range VI, the sixth artistic response to issues regarding the beautiful mountains that overlook the City of Ogden. The exhibit will feature paintings by LeRoy Jennings, photography by Tom Bunn, a display about the Chevo Studios/Andy Dufford creation of the "Water Cycle" public art recently completed in Ogden, as well as maps, poems and other works of art about water.

An opening night reception will be held January 10, 6:00-9:00. The exhibit will run through January 4-30, 8am - 9pm, Monday through Saturday. The opening night reception will include a talk by Dr. Carla Trentelman, Sociology. More about this talk and two others in a separate release to follow.

An abbreviated definition of Basin and Range is a "geographic region characterized by parallel mountain ranges separated by flat valley floors which extends from the Wasatch Front in Utah to the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, and from Mexico north to Oregon and central Idaho." The focus of this exhibit is that part of the Basin and Range province that provides the beauty of our own backyard - or front yard, depending on which way your front door faces.

Photographer Tom Bunn (Weber State University. BS, Photography/Art Design; Utah State University, MFA. Photography , Art History; Florida State University, MS, Education) lives in Wellsville, Utah. He says "I ride my motorcycle, a lot. I always pack a camera or two because you just never know. I am drawn to water, quiet pools glimmer in the sun, hissing over rocks, torrents carving the Earth. Water is the cause, and the effect.

LeRoy Jennings was born in Ogden and has been painting for more than 50 years. He studied painting at (then) Weber State College on an art scholarship. His recent paintings in this exhibit are all water studies, one of his favorite subjects. These paintings show the surface and depth of water as well as the creatures that are at home there.

Andy Dufford, lead artist with Chevo Studios, recently completed a public art piece in conjunction with the Ogden River Restoration project. His proposal, "Water Cycle," is a public plaza with seating and interactive sculptural elements located along the banks of the Ogden River. (18th and Grant Avenue). For this exhibit he has provided a 4´ by 8´ "poster" about the creation and completion of this landmark work.
The exhibit will also include water poetry by WSU graduate Scott Woodham and others; large maps including The Great Salt Lake, the Pleistocene era Lake Bonneville and a 19th century map by John Wesley Powell showing the watersheds of the West; and a project proposal for a water retention art work at Oasis Gardens in Ogden.

For more information about this exhibit and lectures, contact Caril Jennings, crjennings@weber.edu or Benjamin Jennings @ benjaminjennings@mac.com.

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